Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of the main reasons I wanted an attic addition: the school room.

Thinking about all the hours I spent pouring over books at my basement desk and in dark cubbyholes at college libraries, I loved the idea of having a bright and cheerful room set aside for my kids to study in. It's true, having windows to look out of might prove to be a distraction. But I have always felt so much more motivated and cheerful about my work when I have sunlight streaming in. So bring on the yellow walls and three big windows.

Here is the view out of the windows. Chico and Sackett kindly grazing down the brush in my riding arena. The chicken coop is off to the left. Often there are the farm's beef cows eating and frolicking next to the arena.

We also put in three built in bookshelves to house all of those textbooks we will be collecting in the near future. I am trying desperately to keep them open for now because I know that in a short year or two I will be running out of space for all of our curriculum books and supplies.

Try to pretend that I have already cleaned up the chimney so that it looks attractive and rustic, instead of like it just got unearthed from a wasp-infested attic.

For behind the chimney I still need to invest in a large filing system to house all of those future school papers. Something like this one.

The reading corner. My mom rocked me in this rocking chair. It's an Idaho native, just like me. Mentally insert a soft and inviting circular rug and an elegant reading lamp standing behind the chair and I can't wait to dive into the pile of books I have mentally set aside for reading aloud to the kids.

This is the art print that is hanging just to the right of the rocking chair. School yards at their finest.

The school table. A recent find on craigs list. Currently being used as my craft/project table but Margaret is excited about breaking it in this fall. Phonics and crayons and sticky glue crafts here we come.

Naturally we needed a place to display all of those upcoming masterpieces, so I made my own version of this art line.

The last final touch for our own little one room school house is this authentic one room school house desk. Complete with a little hole to hold ink and a slot for your pencil or chalk. Of course it is meant to work with other desks, hence the seat being out in front instead of behind, so it is more for ornamental purposes.

Perfect for displaying a globe. Or the kids' future collections of paper wasp nests or bird eggs. Or something like that.


  1. Elissa - your place looks AMAZING!

    Now that Mark and I moved to Iowa City - we'll have to visit some time!