Sunday, February 2, 2014

Things that have made me smile this past year....

While trail riding in a "buddy" saddle William asks:
"I have a buddy saddle, but why doesn't Margaret have a sweetie saddle?"

On a mother-son date with William to Oddfellows Cafe he looks around carefully then leans in and in a hushed, excited whisper asks: "Is this the DATE place?"

 William: "My band-aids are FANCY SCHMANCY!"

Every time Amelia heard a gun shot outside last summer she yelled excitedly: "Bad guys!!"

Amelia carries in a sack full of empty egg cartons to give to me and announces: "It's your birday time, Mama! Happy Birday to you! And many more!"

Margaret encourages William to eat his eggs at breakfast so he can "...grow up to be a fat man"

William's reverse reasoning in the car: "It's not raining, 'cause the windshield wipers aren't on."

William singing in Canada: "America's so great! I love America! America has lots of cars!"

Amelia: "Hey. I have a sickness."

William reasons his way out of swimming in the freezing cold waters of Lake Huron: "It's so much fun I don't want to do it."

Waiting in the car while Clay checked into the price of hotel rooms William said: "It might cost 3 talents"

Amelia displays the insecurities of a 2 year old: "My diaper dry! You proud me? You give me hug cause my diaper dry? Daddy take care me cause my diaper dry?"

William: "I'm 7!"
Papa: "I thought you were 3. Are you pretending to be 7?"
William: "No, actually I was just pretending to be 3."

William begged me to watch him do a silly move, then promptly whacked his head on a chair.
"Ohh! I didn't know this was a hurting game! I thought it was a fun game!"

William is found shouting and leaping around in the living room, armed with his helmet, sword and shield. He explains that he is Winnie the Pooh pretending to be Saint George fighting a giant salamander to protect the Israelites.

Margaret: "My teachers told me I learned a lot, but I can't remember."

"My head is the biggest planet."
Outside exploring the backyard -- "Look! I found a long legged Daddy!" 
At a Symphony concert -- "Who is our conductor at church? Is it Pastor Sauder?"
"Arlo is like a Narnia bird, he talks sometimes."

Complimenting his mother -- "Your hair looks like candy."
After listening to "Santa Claus is coming to town", with great confusion -- "Why is Santa going into town?"

"I don't know what I'm talking about."
"You hurt myself!"
To her mother -- "You are my lady! And I am your butterfly!"
"I'm sick. 'Cause I sat next to William. Next to his toes."


  1. My kids want to add to the birthday song "and many more" because of exposure at CTK.
    Last week, I drove past a dead skunk and 3 yr old boy says, "what's that smell?" I say it was a dead skunk. "A boy or a girl skunk?" I say I don't know because they both look alike. "I think it was definitely a boy skunk!!"

    1. That's why our kids sing it too :) That is hilarious about the skunk! Kids are the greatest entertainment.

  2. Your kids are hilarious! They had me chuckling out loud :)

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