Monday, July 12, 2010

I get a lot of satisfaction from finishing little projects that only take a few hours to complete. Not that I mind tackling the bigger projects, but they're just not usually quite as fun. Last week my satisfaction came from reclaiming this old sewing stool that I found buried in the back of our shed:
Some new fabric from Hobby Lobby, a bucket of blue paint and a few hours later:

The fabric in itself makes me extremely happy.
And here Margaret helps show off my new sewing table chair, conveniently storing away all my little sewing odds and ends. Now I just need to actually learn how to sew...

On a separate note, Hobby Lobby also provided me with these lovely birds to grace my "birding" table (which conveniently overlooks our bird feeder station). They were having a big sale, I really saved lots of money....

I am very happy that the current fad in home decoration is decorating with birds. It fits right into what I already like and gives me a little tie back to my ornithology and Audubon days.


  1. I can see why it is looks beautiful!

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  3. I must say that I am extremely jealous!!! I miss Hobby Lobby, they really need to come west of the Rockies!!

    Enjoy the sales there, they are awesome! And the fact that it is owned by Christians makes the store even better!

    Looks like you guys are really enjoying your new place! We all miss you here at RCC!!

  4. I love love love your chair and your projects! Thanks for sharing.

    Oh....and...COCONUT!!! You put the lime in the coconut! That new years in Wien was the best...good times ;)