Thursday, September 1, 2011

For the finale of our new addition: the bathroom.

With more artwork from Winslow Homer and Abby McBride. My bathrooms are where I get my decorate-with-seashells-and-sailboats fix. And horseshoe crabs.

We toyed with the idea of putting in a two person jetted corner tub in this bathroom. And who knows? Someday we still might. When we are filthy rich. For now I am happy with our stand up shower. And how big this bathroom feels. Sometimes I go back and forth between my two bathrooms just so I can remember how ginormous the new one is. And when we finally renovate the downstairs bathroom (and get that cute claw foot tub and pedestal sink in there) we won't be without facilities. Ah, the joy of being a two bathroom house.


  1. My vote would be for the middle picture, as the colours match really well with the one you already have, yet it still contrasts it nicely by being of a calmer day. I also get my east coast ocean/sandy bluff/sea shell fix in the bathroom :)