Monday, August 29, 2011

And because blogger doesn't like how many pictures I'm including, here is the second (and final) installation of la chambre principale.

On the other half of our behemoth room is an inviting built in window seat (conveniently hiding the giant heating and air pipe that runs across the floor).

Mentally insert attractive red themed tie up curtains that I have yet to make. And some bird pillows.

Remember that my interior decorating motto is to put a bird on it. Well, this shop at etsy knows what I like.

Margaret was also excited to take photographs of our new bedroom and she captured some fabulous artsy angles, like this one of my pots on the window seat:

And this artistic angle of Clay's dress shirts:

Did I mention that I now have a walk in closet above the front porch?

I can actually see all of my clothes now and feel amazingly spoiled.

Well, now we came to the lovely feature of the coffee pot table next to the window seat. And a fabulous husband who often brings me hot coffee (with cream) in bed. It's amazing what a good mood I'm in when I go downstairs to feed the kids breakfast and tackle the house cleaning.

We're thinking about eventually saving up for a buffet table so we can have our own private stash of wine and coffee, for the ultimate getaway retreat when the kids are obligingly sleeping peacefully in their respective bedrooms.

And just in case you are wondering, our old bedroom is now a guest bedroom (until the kids get bigger). aka the chicken room.

Happy Monday.


  1. Beautiful!! I think the whole wine/coffee thing is a great idea. :)