Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is my little boy a couple weeks ago. His blond baby curls wisping out above his ears. Such a cute long haired hippy child.

Nevertheless, I had procrastinated long enough. Those curls had to go. Today was the day.

And voila. The amazing transformation of baby to big boy. I have to keep his hair tousled just right so you can't notice the uneven edges. I can now add cutting the hair on a squirmy toddler boy's head to my list of accomplishments.

Margaret requested that her hair be cut as well. It was a hair cutting party. I almost started cutting my hair off as well. Amelia was safe, she doesn't have any hair.

Most importantly, the haircuts passed Wild Thing's inspection. Although I suspect that he wasn't looking past the grass handouts.


  1. Nice work! I've started cutting Davies' hair & get a nice feeling of accomplishment (& money saving!) after. Cutting a squirmy toddler's hair is definitely an accomplishment!