Monday, March 7, 2011

It is finally completed. The much anticipated kitchen island. We planned it before we even moved into this house and now, just over a year later, it has come to fruition.

It came together in bits and pieces. First, the wall was knocked out to make space. Then we bought the drawers, wood, and tiles.

Then we installed new flooring. Then the electrician/plumber came out to fix up the necessary cords and pipes. Then we bought a dishwasher. Then there was a snowstorm and I had to wait for my dishwasher to arrive. The dishwasher was finally installed (just before Amelia was born!) and the island began to take shape around it. And now, thanks to more hard work from my husband and in-laws, it is finished.

I am so incredibly pleased with this new addition to our house. It's a little ridiculous.

Did I mention that I love (love, love) having a dishwasher now?


  1. I'm hoping to get a dishwasher before our next baby's born. I will love it so much more since I haven't had one for the past three years!

  2. Oh, yay for dishwashers, and islands too! Anticipation of good things makes them so much brighter, better, and more beautiful, hey? :) enjoy!
    Good work, Clay!