Monday, March 21, 2011

We have had two busy weekends in a row, and a week of the flu in the middle. I will be posting about Amelia's baptism, the gaited equine clinic and other notable things at some point this week. After I sort through all of the pictures. But for now I would like to draw attention to the fact that it is officially spring. It is hot and sunny outside. I can see daffodils out my window. And I am very happy. Not to mention the fact that Clay and I are finally over the flu (just dealing with the occasional coughing fit now). Fortunately my sister Laurel was staying with me last week so she could babysit while I tried to sleep through my sickness (fortunate for me, perhaps not for her).

Yesterday was a glorious first day of spring. Church was wonderful, as usual. (I only missed about half of the service to deal with kid related issues.) We drove home with the windows rolled down, grabbed some lunch and then headed down the lane to Kayce's baby shower. Clay's cousin was there with her three children so our kiddos had fun running around with them.

And Sackett - lovely, long suffering Sackett who badly needs a clipping, hoof trimming and controlled diet - patiently let Margaret ride him over to her grandparent's house and then proceeded to provide all of the children with pony rides around the garden. He's fresh off winter pasture and hasn't been worked with in months but he didn't bat an eyelash at all of those horse crazy youngsters milling around.

William promptly started screaming when we tried to convince him that his pony riding turn was done. And then later he started screaming because he wasn't happy sitting on Sackett while he grazed. Will James - the budding cowboy - likes his horses to go, go, go.

Margaret has already made huge improvements in her riding this year. She immediately started doing her riding exercises, including raising both arms up over her head. And she let Daddy trot Sackett while she bravely held on. She even looked like she enjoyed it for a while before asking him to slow down.

All I can say is that this Monday's weather is a whole lot better than last week Monday...


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