Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet my great great grandmother, Elsie:

I only know a few facts about Elsie, one of those being that she was an excellent seamstress who made elegant ball gowns for herself (that fit me almost perfectly), and this exquisite baptism gown for her son in 1900:

Look at this unbelievable detail:

I need to collect a list of all the people in our family who have worn this gown. I know several of my cousins have, and possibly my mother. It's getting a little fragile and thin but for its age is in remarkably good shape. I'm so paranoid about my children having blow outs while wearing it that I put an extra layer of clothes underneath and change them immediately after the baptism.

Unfortunately I forgot about the existence of this gown until after Margaret was already baptized. But now the next generation is wearing it, starting with William:

And Amelia:


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