Sunday, December 14, 2014

A couple years ago I posted about our family tradition of celebrating Santa Lucia day.  The kids have grown a bit since then!

And our bevy of daughters has grown -- so we have more Santa Lucia attendants to help serve us breakfast in bed. least, that's the idea....maybe in a few years I'll actually get to stay in bed instead of getting up early for preparations!

Margaret was so excited to play the role of Santa Lucia and be in charge of organizing it all. She did an excellent job helping me prep breakfast and in leading the processional upstairs.

I think she makes a lovely Santa Lucia.

It was lovely having the children piled in at the foot of our bed and being able to admire them all as we sipped coffee and ate lussekatter rolls. Their cheerful cherub faces easily made up for all of the crumbs in the bed sheets. Amelia got to wear a traditional Swedish hat that her Granny used to wear in her childhood Swedish folk dancing days.

Beautiful girls.


And one handsome star boy.


Hattie may not have been able to join the processional this year, but she seemed to enjoy her first Lucia day.


  1. They are all such beautiful children! but I think Susannah's spiky ponytails are the best :)