Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It has been over a month since our eldest celebrated her 7th birthday, and I'm just now getting around to posting a few photos to mark the occasion. 

Adjusting to life with five little children has not been very hard (at least so far!). Having a newborn feels familiar, and we are already outnumbered, so what's one more added to the mix?! It helps that the newborn is a sweet little girl, and the other four are loads of fun and willing to be helpful. However, I am only surviving the transition to five children, on top of school & Advent & Christmas activities, by being more strict with my time management -- something I have never been very good at. We don't have a TV in the house (besides a screen to watch movies on), so my biggest temptation for time wasting comes from the computer. 

...Hence, the pictures being over a month late. 

All that aside, we have one beautiful 7 year old in the house now! SEVEN. 
It's hard to wrap my mind around that fact. 

Was this really seven years ago??

Who are these kids? And who trusted them with a baby?


Last night was her school assembly and she joined her classmates in reciting Psalms and poems and singing songs. She wasn't the least bit nervous, just super super excited, and she did a fabulous job reciting and singing everything with cheerful vigor. I could actually hear her all the way in the back of the room, quite a change from last year! She loves school and is doing a great job both at home and at her one-day-a-week at Ozarks Academy

She is set on being an artist when she grows up, and devotes all of her free time to sketching, painting, designing coloring books and crafting. She is amazingly generous and loves creating gifts for people. This cool bird scene is what she came up with on her own initiative for my birthday!

(Apparently I've trained her well.... 'What should I make Mom?? Oh, I know! I'll put a bird on it!")

Part of her birthday celebrations included going to Firehouse Pottery with her aunt (where she made a beautiful unicorn), and to an art program at the Nature Center where she created a flower masterpiece in Georgia O'Keefe style. She was in heaven. 

Her other big birthday surprise was a pair of darling gerbils! 


Apparently her not-too-subtle hints to Grandma and Papa paid off. 
She is smitten and loves to get them into their little exercise balls and let them roll all over the floor. They were quickly christened "Hunca Munca" and "Tom Thumb", after Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Two Bad Mice".

She is my wonderful helper, cheerfully caring for the farm cat, chickens, gerbils and fish every day (even asking me to not fill in for her on the days she is at school), not to mention helping bring in firewood and tidy up toys and bring in groceries and a million other little things. She is always sweet and willing to chip in (though, perhaps, at times a bit absent minded -- surely she doesn't take after her mom and dad?!!). And have I mentioned what a wonderful big sister she is?

Or how endearingly silly?

Happy Birthday, Margaret. I am so proud of you, and the lovely young lady you are becoming.


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