Monday, December 22, 2014

It is a constant amazement to me how all of our children can all look like "Dodson babies" and yet still have their own unique features and appearance. God's creation is a wonder. 

God took these two little babies.....


...let them grow up and get hitched,
and then made these babies:


 Plus this guy (but he didn't wear the horsey pajamas)...


Usually everyone admits that the first baby gets all of the great pictures and then subsequent children aren't as well documented. Our quality of camera, and knowledge of photography, has progressed with each child, so poor Margaret didn't quite get the usual 1st child treatment. 

Still, it's fun to compare baby photos, and there have been a few favorite outfits that I have had since the beginning that I have tried to do photo shoots in for each one.

One was a pair of overalls that I wore back in the distant days in the wilds of Red River, Idaho.
Here I am pictured in them, with a wild Alaskan hound. My passion for animal training began at a young age. 


And here are my four daughters in the same attire:

My other favorite newborn outfit has been a little blue thermal sleeper that I picked up at a thrift store in Moscow, Idaho. It has been well loved! Sadly, I can't track down any pictures of Margaret in it, but wear it she did. As did her four little siblings...

Will James in Portland

And just because she's so cute, Miss Hattie again.


  1. Gahhh! sooo much cuteness in one post... I can't handle it :)