Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Welcoming our newest beautiful baby girl!

Harriet Frances born on November 7th at 9:21 p.m.
Just one day before her big sister's birthday, making our eldest and our youngest birthday buddies!

Following in her older siblings' footsteps, Hattie kept us on our toes, guessing when her actual birth day might be. With another start and stop labor, the older kids got to spend a little extra time at Grandma and Papa's house, coming back home for a day in between. And I got extra time to clean the house multiple times, go for a long walk with Clay around the fields, round pen a horse, paint trim and bake a groaning cake with the kids.

The day I *thought* I might have a baby... but got a relaxing day with Clay instead.

 But finally on the 7th, after spending a day painting trim and doing some school work with the kids, I could finally admit that the real thing was here. So, mid-afternoon, the kids went back to Grandma and Papa -- along with my mustang who chose that moment to come down with colic.... life on the farm!! Thankful to in-laws who will not only watch my kids, but also lead my horse up and down the road for an hour or more (praise the Lord, he did recover quickly!). 

Inside the house Clay and I started making preparations to welcome our new baby. At about 5 the midwives & assistants began arriving -- another huge thanksgiving due to a long drive and the fact that one of my midwives was not able to attend the birth due to an unexpected injury. Thank you to Amy & Rosa Lee for all the wonderful care & support! And, of course, to my amazing, amazing husband who I can always lean on...

Skip a few hours....    

And she's here!

Gorgeous, healthy, and weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz. Our biggest baby yet! (By 1 oz...)

God has blessed us beyond measure. 

It has been a happy couple days, introducing Hattie to the family (and vice versa), resting, and enjoying baby snuggles.


Her siblings love her and keep coming into the bedroom throughout the day requesting to hold her or give her kisses.



Susannah is a bit reserved, but also very intrigued and accepting. She finds it funny to bring her diapers and request to hold her for 2 second intervals.

One of those highly unfortunate camera malfunctions, on one of my favorite pictures...of course!
But, picture or no picture, we have some beautiful girls.
And one wonderful, doting boy.
 It always amazes me how soft baby skin is when they are newborn. 
There is absolutely nothing better than warm baby breath and a soft baby head nestled against mine. 




In the end, pictures just don't do this girl justice. She is perfect. And we love her.


  1. She is beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition!!! :)

  2. She's just perfect and gorgeous, Elissa! We were sooo excited to get the news and can't wait to meet her--and (hopefully) snuggle with her a little! ;)

  3. What a wonderful little person ~ an exceptional family whom I'm so pleased & proud to know! Looking forward to spending plenty of time with you all on your farm one beautiful day, Lord willing! :)