Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last night as we pulled into our driveway after the Good Friday service at church Margaret pointed out in a matter of fact tone of voice: "There's Margaret's house".

I was wondering who lived there.... And since when did she start referring to herself in third person? (It has become a daily occurrence. Like when looking for her shoes it has become "Where'd Margaret's shoes go?")

Upon request I drew Margaret a girl playing a violin (or "lala", even when I include it in her abc books she will translate "v for violin" into "v for lala!") in red crayon. She announced that she was going to color the girl's hair (with the same red crayon) and then a few seconds later, while staring perplexedly down at the now solid block of red on the paper she asked: "Where'd girl go?"


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  2. What a little fashionista with those sunglasses!