Thursday, April 1, 2010

It feels good to move all the house plants out to our mud/sun room. (Hopefully not our mud room much longer as the beautiful spring sunshine dries up all the mud outside.) And replacing the house plant spot with some spring flowers from the garden. There's nothing like waking up to sun streaming through the window onto a bouquet of freshly picked daffodils.

I am also loving my new and improved (well, old and improved) sewing table that we dug out of the mess in the back shed. It used to be Clay's grandma's sewing table and I freshened it up with a coat of blue paint. Looks peaceful doesn't it? I have yet to actually test the sewing machine that's tucked away underneath to see if it still works but I'll get to that one of these days.

Right now I'm enjoying the nice touch it gives to our living room. The beautiful lace curtains behind it are courtesy of my sister's generosity in sharing a whole box of lovely extra curtains that she had.


  1. Your home improvements are inspiring me! Now I just need a home that needs improving! :) Allison & I loved playing 'post office' and 'library' with our mum's antique sewing machine!