Thursday, February 28, 2013

A few days after the ice storm hit we woke up to this dream like landscape:

Clay  waited for the roads to clear a bit before getting into work so I was able to run outside for a few minutes to enjoy the winter wonderland. I don't miss the long winters of the north, but I do miss the crunch of snow and the clean, simple beauty it lends to the world.


After a cup of coffee I took the kids outside to play. I was reminiscing about all my childhood hours spent skiing, snowshoeing, sledding (even when my older siblings assigned me the front to act as a snow shield), snowball fights and general cavorting in the snow. Margaret caught a little bit of the spirit, but the younger ones were generally unimpressed with being in the cold.  Despite this lack of exuberance we still managed to build a snowman and throw a few snowballs. Then it was inside for hot chocolate to revive the spirits.

Notice the awesome faux fur eskimo hat Will is wearing? It's still going strong after making it through my childhood in Canada. I loved love that hat. And this, my friends, is an icicle off our roof in Ontario, and yes, I believe it was taller than me.

I love snow days. I'm glad we got a couple days of actual accumulation this winter. 

And now I'm ready for spring. So are the dogs.


  1. What great photos! I hope, though, that the beauty of this nostalgic weather passes quickly, for your sake & your dogs'! (;