Monday, February 18, 2013

Amelia turned two last week.

The morning of her birthday dawned sparkling and wintry white, and as we played outside in the crisp, cool sunshine, with the snow just starting to melt, I had rather vivid recollections of the day she was born.... Waiting on the front porch swing as the snow dripped off the trees, watching the earth slowly re-emerge after being cloaked in white for several weeks. Sending Clay in for some warm, homemade chicken noodle soup, and then realizing that that would have to wait.....and I hope to goodness the midwife arrives soon....

Her arrival was our easiest one, and her laid back, sunshiny personality has been a blessing from the start. Thankful for two years with this young lady.

At two years old birthdays are rather abstract things. We kept hers simple and yet everything we did was a pleasant surprise for her. Even when I handed the phone to her, saying that Daddy wanted to say happy birthday, she misunderstood and cheerfully exclaimed: "Happy Bir-day Daddy!". 

We attended story time at the nature center and hiked with some friends. And we went home for naps before celebrating with cake, ice cream and presents. Margaret and William helped carry on the family tradition of delivering the birthday presents in pillow cases, and they very enthusiastically belted out "happy birthday" with every trip. Her main present was a ballerina doll, because, well, Amelia loves babies. 

We also had fun trying to discover the perfect camera smile. 

There's the squinty-eyed-I'm-so-hilarious smile. 

There's the try-hard-to-keep-smiling-while-opening-the-eyes-because-mom-asked-me-to smile.

There's the coy-sidelong-glance smile.

And there's the... well, actually, I really have no clue what this is....

This one is real.

This year Amelia has learned how to walk, talk, make people laugh (on purpose), ride ponies, sing songs, affectionately care for every baby she can find, be potty trained, and is now sleeping in a big girl bed in the downstairs "girls room" with Margaret. Coincidentally, it is the room that she was born in.

 Happy Birthday Amelia Bedelia. Here's to even more smiles in your third year of life.


  1. I love her many smiles! What a joyful girl to have in your family!

  2. Did you make her owl? She's grown up quickly!

    1. A good friend gave us the owl. I can't remember where she got it but it definitely looks homemade - and fun to make!

  3. Happy birthday my darling Amelia, grandpa loves u very much.xxxoooxxxxooo