Thursday, December 27, 2012

In our Christmas letter this year I mentioned that it is hard to keep track of Will's character of the moment. However, he does show certain trends. One week he is the Nutcracker. Another week he is Saint George. And one week he is Will Capone, Ozarkian mobster.

Of course he usually returns to John Wayne on the off weeks. Or cleverly intertwines story plots so that John Wayne can be involved. i.e. John Wayne fighting off the bad soldiers who hung Jesus on the cross. Very subtle plot twists.

The "mobster" stage was sparked when he discovered his Great Papa's hat and his Papa's rubber-band-gun. They became staples in his daily attire and it was impossible to leave home without them. This stage has since been replaced with other choice characters, but it was entertaining while it lasted. Though it does make it easier to go shopping without having to explain why bringing in a toy gun might not be desirable.


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