Friday, January 4, 2013

Every year I have good intentions of making the majority of my Christmas gifts. And every year I usually put off craft-making until a couple weeks before Christmas. Procrastination has always been a friend of mine. This year was even worse than usual since I put off my creative rush until after Susannah arrived. However, I did still manage to complete a couple little doo-dad gifts in time. 

The old Hobby Lobby also provided these (originally) unpainted matryoshka dolls which I impulsively bought and painted a couple days before Christmas. I didn't feel quite up for painting the traditional Russian nesting doll pattern so I opted for a simpler Scandinavian style, inspired by some Jan Brett illustrations in her version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas". It is a huge hit with the kids and William started carrying it around calling it his "nutcracker" doll (to fit in with his "Fritz" character).

Etsy inspired this silly wooden sign for my father. Cover a piece of plywood with some acyrlic paint and there you have it. Que Hombre. 


 Clay joined in this year too, and restored this cute little rocking chair for Amelia. It looks a lot better than when we found it in the chicken coop a couple years ago. 


 Clay also came up with this fun idea for potted lilies. Since Susannah's name means 'lily', and since our Calla Lily desperately needed to be separated, I bought some clay pots at Hobby Lobby and painted them up. Susannah kindly contributed her footprints for the finishing touch.