Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Sometimes Margaret's photography blows me away.

Every time I let her take a turn with the camera I end up with hundreds of blurry pictures of important items like our furniture, her toys, or the floor. Then, in the midst of these random snapshots, there is a real beauty, like this gem:

As she struggles to hold a large camera up to her eye while trying to find the right button to push, somehow she captures the perfect angle and lighting and creates a masterpiece. I love seeing the world through her eyes. And sometimes I think her three-foot-tall viewpoint is a huge advantage for obtaining that unique artistic perspective. 

In case you couldn't tell (by the fact that I went from about three blog posts a week to none), Clay went back to work and the rest of us are attempting to regain the daily routine of home life. No more sipping cappuccinos in bed while the husband does the farm chores with three kids in tow. It was nice while it lasted. 

Everything is going wonderfully. We aren't too incredibly behind on sleep, and lots of fun things have been happening - like family visits, Susannah's baptism, and Advent activities. As we get used to having a fourth child in the midst I may be able to catch up on some of those items. Until then you'll just have to imagine us having such a great time.


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