Monday, July 2, 2012

Enjoying turtles is a part of our summer tradition. Like Levi or our blueberry-pancake-loving-friend. Sometimes we just enjoy watching them out in the field or help them across the road. Sometimes they stay for a couple hours, or days, or weeks. And then we wish them luck and return them to the wild, loaded with a few more meals in their bellies.

Our most recent reptilian acquaintance with this little box turtle that was found in the field behind the barn. The kids loved watching him for a week or two, giggling when he devoured some earthworms and strawberries and then fastidiously washed his face in a bowl of water. They were equally happy to let him go back in the field near our pond.

And this parting shot.... Well, it was meant to capture all three kids oogling over their turtle friend. And, while the quality is rather poor, I couldn't resist including it. Just look at that face - that is completely Amelia.


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