Friday, July 13, 2012

I have a little black notebook that is slowly filling with funny conversations and quips from the kids. Last week I was looking through them all again, and realizing how much detail I put in for Margaret's babyhood, and how little I have put in for the other two. It was a good reminder to start writing things down again. And since it has been a while since I've shared some funnies on here....

Will, getting a hair cut: Are you going to cut the cow off my head?
Me: ....Do you mean the cowlick?
Will: Yes.

Another cow conversation with Big Pard.... I mean... Little Pard. He's not Big Pard anymore. (Just like today when he wanted to be held and suddenly become "Little" John Wayne.) And fyi - Moon Man is the main bull on the farm.
W: When Moon Man's ears turn into horns somebody can get on him and ride him and he can BUCK somebody off!!!
Clay: Are my ears going to turn into horns?
W: Nooooooo. You're a people!
Clay: Maybe you can ride Moon Man
W: No. He might buck me off. You can ride him! I want to ride a cow.

Discussing the new baby's arrival:
W: Yes. Cause Amelia is our OLD baby.

At Grandma's house:
Grandma: Are you climbing on a jungle gym?
W: Yes! I'm Jungle Jim!
M: And I'm Mrs. Jim!

And, not to leave Margaret out....
M - at the grocery store: Look at that black milk! That's for the bad guys. We get the white milk.


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