Thursday, October 27, 2011


 My eldest daughter has entered the stage of leotards and ballet slippers. It is the epitome of little girlhood, and she is eating it up. It has been the turning point for her in learning independence. From being petrified to leave her parents' sides, to knowing how to put on a brave face and venturing across church to the toy room after lunch, or disappearing through big swinging doors to the dance hall. She has found that Mama was telling the truth when she said she might just have fun if she was brave enough and friendly enough to go play and dance with other children. Her love of twirly skirts and spinning to pretty music helped her make that first big leap of faith.

A couple weeks ago she had her first "parent observation" week during class time. She is in the class entitled creative movement. It was adorable. I was stifling laughter the entire time as the whole troop of girls were, very conspicuously, confusing their rights and lefts, timing, sense of balance and displaying very short attention spans. All the while taking it very seriously and having a blast.

Is there anything cuter than a line of little girls in tutus?