Wednesday, October 19, 2011

As I was perusing a (very crafty) friend's blog, I noticed a cute little teepee she had made for her children. I was inspired to make one as well, just in time for Will's birthday. After appealing to her for directions I made a trip to Lowe's for a drop cloth and some bamboo poles and got to work. And.... the finished product (well, almost finished, I am still going to have the kids put a couple hand prints on the sides):

All of this Indian art, that I painstakingly sketched on the tent during nap times, reminds me of a good Jeeves & Wooster quote:
Wooster: "If you ask me Jeeves, art is responsible for most of the trouble in the world."
Jeeves: "It's an interesting theory, Sir. Would you care to expatiate upon it?"
Wooster: "As a matter of fact, no Jeeves. No. The thought just occured to me, you know, as thoughts do."

Needless to say, we had an Indian themed party for our little boy for his birthday. It was especially fitting since we have been reading The Little Indian a lot recently (it is so politically incorrect... and it is one of my favorites). 

We tried to convince William that Baldrick could be his little raccoon that went everywhere with him, but he wouldn't let the poor dog anywhere near the teepee. Or his birthday cake. The party was complete with war paint, moccasins, drum music (provided by Clay), dancing and a bonfire with marshmallows.

We also got to break in the tent a little more over the weekend when we went horse-camping at Lead Mine State Park. Though we left the war paint at home. We didn't want to frighten too many people (or horses). It was the ultimate combination of cowboy and indian.

It has been a big year for our little Wilhelm. He learned to walk, talk, use the toilet, ride the pony, move into a real bed and even gave up his beloved pacifier. He still occasionally tries to steal one of Amelia's pacifiers and watches me to see if I'll notice. When I say "William....." he starts giggling hysterically and throws it back to Amelia like it was a big joke. That boy's a ham. He has always been our dimpled comedian, and now that he knows how to talk and joke around we are never lacking on entertainment.

Happy Birthday bud.


  1. That is so cute, Elissa! You're a woman of many talents. Happy birthday, William!!