Friday, January 14, 2011

I keep thinking that I have lots of time before this little one comes. Even with all of my preparations it still seems like it is such a long ways off. After all, even if it is an early baby I still have two or three weeks....

But then I stop and think about what two or three weeks means. And how fast this week went by. And then I realize. I could meet this baby very, very soon.

There is so much anticipation and joy and a little nervousness that comes with that realization! With both of my first two children I reached a turning point towards the end of the pregnancy where I was ready, quite ready, to be done. Done with a large midriff and done with waiting to meet our new sweet baby. I think dealing with the record summer heat in Portland (without air conditioning) helped that stage come earlier with William. I'm not sure I have reached that stage yet this time. Perhaps with two little ones already I just haven't had much time to stop and get impatient. Or maybe that means I still have some time to mentally prepare. After all, just because my first two were a week early doesn't mean that this one will want to be so accommodatingly on schedule. Maybe I'll get some extra time to go back over all my notes on labor coping techniques...

Everything is sitting out and waiting. The new moses basket and its rocking stand are sitting by our bed filled with a few of my favorite tiny outfits and a charming new bird-covered receiving blanket that I can't wait to wrap around our newborn. All of the medical accessories and forms are sitting in boxes at the foot of our bed waiting for their use in our first (hopeful) home birth.
Time to get geared up!

William may be oblivious but Margaret is full of expectation. Last weekend, while we were camping out at my sister's residence so Clay could rip up all our lovely asbestos flooring, Margaret was pushed a little beyond her usual self control with lack of sleep and too much stimulation. When her punching balloon popped on the Christmas tree it wasn't the only thing that burst. The tears were flowing freely as she accepted comfort, resting her face against my belly. It was looking like the grief might just be too much to overcome when suddenly her eyes lit up. Her face showed pure delight as she felt the distinct baby kicks against her cheek. With eyes still streaming she sat up with a huge grin and excitedly announced to the whole room: "That silly baby just kicked my face!"

Baby D. we all can't wait to meet you.


  1. That's so special that the baby kicked Margaret just then! You look great too and I hope the home birth goes beautifully for you; I've loved all of mine. It's so nice to have help drive to you once you are in labor.

    With my third I had a really hard time getting my mind around what I needed to do for preparations. I'd already had one of each so I didn't need to buy any clothes and adding another baby to our family just didn't seem as momentous as before so I didn't feel like cleaning the house specially or stocking the freezer. Thankfully nesting hit and I did get stuff done, but over all it just felt natural. By the time I was 12 days late, though, I was more than ready, more than excited!

    Can't wait to see pictures and find out who that little bundle is! Blessings!

  2. How neat! Baby D must be ready to meet his/her big sister. :) It was good to see you guys today! Thanks again for having us over. Hope we can do it again soon!