Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playing outside in the freshly fallen snow:

20 minutes getting everyone bundled up + 12 degree weather + being so bundled up they can hardly move + wind chill + falling off the sled into the snow + snow too powdery to build a snowman = epic failure

At least the chickens got fed and watered in the process! And we all came in much more invigorated. And appreciative of a warm house. And the beauty of the snow and crisp wintry scenery as seen through the windows.

Hot chocolate + Thomas the Tank = spirits revived.

The anticipation was definitely the best part of that adventure! At least they looked super cute in their snow suits. Maybe my kids need to move up to Canada for a bit in order to get better acclimated to winter life.


  1. What a sweet memory! Every time we took our kids out Ellie LOVED it and Athanasius just stood there and cried. :) I felt bad for taking them out when it was so cold and then one night we read in Farmer Boy that Almanzo was sledding in -40 ... so I guess it wasn't that cold! Happy nesting these last few weeks!

  2. I can sooo relate to this, Elissa!