Friday, September 17, 2010

Our island vacation was a success. Hurricane Earl turned out to be an empty threat and, although we did have uncommonly chilly weather, we all stayed safe and even indulged in the usual swimming, boating and general cavorting about. Though perhaps we wore a few more sweaters than usual.

I found out this year that the McBrides have been coming to the island for exactly fifty years now. Though there was a break for a few years in the middle. And now, after this summer, four generations of McBrides have participated. I think someone needs to invest in buying a cottage so we can be considered natives.

The first few days were spent visiting with my Gram, who was unfortunately not able to make the trek over to Onset Island this year. And Clay got the full Boston tour from our knowledgeable family tour guide, Grandper. Complete with train ride, visit to Central Park (home of Make Way for Ducklings) and a portion of the Freedom Trail.

Then the real vacation began.
A few invigorating swims in the frigid Atlantic waters. A few games of knock out. Snacking. Lots of hot cocoa. Sandy toes. Sandy kids. A few fishing trips for the men which included catching a small shark (no fresh flounder this year, sadly... but the quahog fritters almost made up for it). Rowing. One refreshing and highly enjoyable kayak around the island. Playing with my camera.

And all the usual and anticipated favorites mentioned in the countdown. Clara did a phenomenal job with her aquarium collection so I lived vicariously through her and inspected the daily catch. I think the Saturday crowd amounted to around 50 people this year and lived primarily off of Uncle Peter's famous chip dip (made by Saucy Pete this year, I believe) and bagels. The highlight of the Saturday night festivities was Margaret learning the Ox Dance.

Good-bye Onset Island. It's time to get back to the real world. Until next time.


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