Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remember this post?

Well I just realized that I never posted follow up pictures for our bathroom. And I know you were starting to worry that we haven't taken showers all summer. So just to ease your mind...

In case you didn't have enough energy to click on the link above, here is a refresher for what our bathroom looked like when we moved in:

And then after many hours of labor.

And then after many more hours of labor.

No more rotting walls. No more breaker box in our shower (it is now moved to the outside of the house). Now there is beautiful tile. And a sealed waterproof window. And it is now the only room in our house that has insulation in the walls.

There's a reason why I can't fit very much of the bathroom into the pictures. And that is because you can't fit very much into that bathroom. It is tiny. And there's a reason why the floor isn't in any of the pictures. That is because it needs new tiles as well. But there is a season for everything. A season for tiling bathroom walls. And a season for tiling bathroom floors. Everything comes in its season....


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