Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Margaret loves tubing at the lake. She's not quite crazy enough to ride on Daddy's tube yet but she's gotten remarkably comfortable on Mama's tube. She even likes going fast and giggles when we go over little bumps. On a recent ride she stretched out sideways on the tube and lounged with her head against her arm. I asked what she was doing and she responded very matter-of-factly: "watching trees".

Last week we lived in a hotel in Columbia while Clay worked at a job site along the Missouri River. We did a lot of relaxing and visiting with friends and family. The last afternoon in town we went with my family to hear Laurel practice the big church organ, preparing for her world debut on Sunday. Their church is located up the street from the state capitol so we drove by it a couple times. Margaret is enthralled with that building and as we drove by it a second time she remarked: "Margaret like to live in capitol". Our house must be a bit on the small side.

William spends most of his time making huge messes and giggling at Margaret. One thing he doesn't like, however, is the singing of "Father Abraham". Which, unfortunately, is one of Margaret's favorite songs right now (along with "happy birthday" and "it's a jolly holiday with Margaret"). It was a nightly occurrence when we were reading about Abraham in the Old Testament. The other night Margaret requested to sing it once again and then told us all the steps: "right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot, nod your head, turn around, fall down, then William cries". And it's true. William consistently loses it whenever we all fall down. And I have to comfort him out of a massive screaming fit every time we sing.


  1. I can totally remember your mom singing "Father Abraham" with Laurel, Cabe, & Clara! :)