Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's de-spooking lesson was Chico versus the Scary Milk Jugs. The milk jugs won.

Granted, they were milk jugs filled with a few rocks to make loud scary noises and were attached to the saddle. That kind of milk jug is kind of hard to beat. There were about two rodeo-esque minutes at the beginning where Chico didn't think he was going to live to see another day. But then he realized, "hey, I'm still alive" and reluctantly walked and trotted in circles relatively calmly. Wild Thing nickered worriedly while watching from outside the school ring. Of course when it came to his turn he was an old pro. Rock filled milk containers? You'll have to get a little more creative to unsettle Wild Thing's nerves. Like dressage whips. Now those are cause for concern. Big muscly quarter horses shouldn't have to deal with dressage whips.

Wild Thing was the unofficial Biggest Loser winner but after today I might have to reevaluate. I think Chico lost about twenty pounds from sheer nervousness.


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