Monday, June 1, 2009

My first attempt at uploading videos now that we finally have a new computer!

This is my first dressage test at Highland Stables in Beavercreek in February. After taking lessons for about four months my lesson horse, "Elegant Bond" (aka Coulee), and I competed at training level and scored 132 points giving us 4th place. See more details about dressage show basics here. Despite having too much of a hunt seat posture and not having enough forward movement I was pretty satisfied with my first attempt in the dressage show world.

My second test at this show went a little better as far as scoring and placing with 175 points and 3rd place. Definitely had more forward energy from Coulee! A bit too much in fact. At least the judges thought he was an extremely attractive horse. Could have still ridden more "through the back" for better balance. Always room for improvement, eh?

My dressage career is on hold right now but I have big plans for the future!


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