Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our little child that's baking in the oven...

This little one followed in Margaret's footsteps and was pretty active during the ultrasound but we got some good shots and it was fun to see the real movements as I felt the kicks against my belly. We were able to see the profile, hands, legs, feet, spinal cord, heart chambers, brain, and stomach and also some views in "4D" of the face and hands. According to the measurements (it weighs all of 10 oz. right now) the new projected due date is Oct. 11 but I'm still thinking Oct. 16 so I don't get too impatient if it's "late".

Up until this week I was thinking it was maybe a boy judging by my lack of morning sickness and the doctor's early guesses from heartbeat. But apparently this week the heartbeat is more like a girl and the technician referred to it as a "her" twice (although she knew we weren't going to find out so maybe that's just her generic term). Guess we're back to the 50/50 chance =)

Margaret was happily oblivious sitting on daddy's lap. She entertained herself in the waiting room by saying "Hi" loudly to everyone that walked by. She got some good smiles and verbal responses in return. Yesterday I got some quality home videos of her squatting on the floor and intently wrapping her baby doll in a blanket. It kept her busy for about 15 minutes. So although she still seems completely ignorant to the fact that her little daily routine will be rudely interrupted in a few months I think she'll be a good helper.


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