Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...surrounded by the brine,
Stands an island we call Onset.
Hail, oh hail to you!

Onset Island, Onset Island,
With your waters blue,
In your spirit of good friendship
Hail, oh hail to you.

In a bay below old Cape Cod
Just above the waves,
Lies the island we hold dearly:
Onset Island

Onset Island, Onset Island,
With your skies so blue,
Onset Island we do love you
Evermore, it's true.

From 2007:

My participation in the annual whiffleball game 7 months pregnant and still with enough sauce to push my "little" cousin Neil around. The game is always followed by swimming, merrymaking, food and the traditional contra dance at the playground.

Uncle Peter in action with Neil and Matt at bat.

Clay helps Cabe & Clara empty their minnow trap in the OI Lagoon at high tide.

Ahh, how I miss Onset Island.... I can always hope for next year...


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