Thursday, April 13, 2017

The days of infancy and immobile babyhood have passed; we are in the age of toe-grabbing and mobility-by-steamrolling-across-the-floor. Our little boy is 6 months old!

Ticklish, champion of the belly laugh, curious and quick on the grab, cuddly, lover of his siblings (and well-loved by his siblings), loud vocalist, bouncer to music - with a great sense of  rhythm, king of elbow dimples, grabber of daddy's beard, easy going (unless his food is a little late in coming) and with a natural, well-developed sense of humor. He's our chill, fun, sweet Clyde-boy. 

He provides little bits of joy to all that we pass, sharing his infectious smile in grocery store aisles, parks and surrounding church pews during worship service.  


It seems God has blessed me by giving me progressively laid-back and happy babies. 
Perhaps this is connected to the fact that I am finally starting to learn how to care for these dependent little people. With each child I pick up new tips and ideas, and just started warming up to this whole parenting thing after the first couple. (Poor Margaret.) Or perhaps it's because with each child I learn better perspectives and how to be a more relaxed mom. (Believe it or not, it's actually easier to be laid-back and to learn to let certain things slide when you have six instead of one. Actually, it is necessary for survival.)
But no, really it's just mostly God's good grace. And I'm eternally grateful.

Clyde continues the trend, and his happy big blue eyes and ready smile make my day, every day.

He continues to be our biggest baby, remaining at the top of the charts in height and successfully maintaining those chunky arm and thigh rolls. The 9-12 month outfits have already found their way to his dresser drawers. It takes a lot of work to maintain this figure - a strict regimen of high dairy diet and hours of intense physical exercise.

Half a year with this guy has been a blast. Looking forward to watching his personality continue to blossom, and observing his wonder as he investigates & explores the magic of the world around him.


  1. He's such a cutie! It's so true that each one seems easier (though life as a whole gets more chaotic); even with just 3 my time with Micah is like respite from the craziness :)