Monday, December 19, 2016

Yes, I realize I am over a month behind on my annual November birthday girl postings. Is anyone keeping track? No, probably not. So we'll take a little trip back in time and celebrate this little girl turning TWO:

Ain't she sweet?

And hilarious, and happy. A goofball. And hearty. This little girl's laugh is big and loud, and incredibly infectious. There's nothing subtle about Hattie.

Of course, being two, she knows her own mind. (Cue the Wives and Daughters quote: "She knows her own mind, Clare. I think you will have your work cut out there.") And a wee bit mischievous. (We like to refer to it as the "Trainable Twos".)  Just look at this pure delight as she sprints away from the camera:

There's a reason why I didn't get many still shots of her for her birthday photo shoot. Want to photograph a two year old without dealing with any tears? Make it a game to chase around the horse field! I may not have gotten any phenomenal shots, but at least I managed to snap a few that seemed to capture a tiny glimpse of her spirit. And we had a lot of fun doing it. 

She is brave and adventurous, a wanderer and curious explorer. Vastly different from a couple of my other children who wouldn't leave my side at this age. Perhaps a bit shy at times, but with a winning smile that is usually just waiting under the surface. 

She is a lover of animals. 

Expert sound mimicker (including, but not limited to: animal sounds, dentist tool sounds, car sounds, musical instrument sounds, battery operated toy sounds and baby sounds). Lover of babies, dolls, and her big siblings. She took to her new role as big sister like a complete natural.

The November birthday girls

Expert smart phone user. Lover of blankies. 

Lover of music. She has a bold, beautiful singing voice that she often uses in church as well as around the home. And the best dance moves of any toddler. 

Just look at those pigtails. And that smile. We love our Hattie girl.


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