Thursday, December 22, 2016


Sweet Susannah. (For more descriptive alliterations for Susannah that begin with "S", please refer to last year's birthday post. They all still ring true.)

She is now a fun four year old!

She is still a beam of sunshine in our lives. I don't know what we'd do without Susannah to brighten our days. Skipping around wherever she goes with her little blonde braids. And complaining that she's just too warm whenever we request that she wears a sweater or stocking cap in cold weather.

Clay asked if she was our Nordic girl, to which she responded -- utterly shocked, as she understood him to be asking if she was a naughty girl --

"No!!! Not a Nordic girl! ...I'm a happy girl. Not a bad girl."

 Though she hasn't officially started any school subjects, she is a bright and voracious learner. Picking up on everything her older siblings are learning and demonstrating a careful neatness in her drawings. She could, however, continue to grow in her understanding of time measurements:

"Aren't the other kids in the garage? That's where they were a few minutes ago."
"Last week they there. Not me see them now."

Though she's getting big, she still loves the fact that she is still our little girl.

(Clay:) "Do you know I like you?"
"How do you know?"
"Cause I tiny."

 (Relating an elaborate story to me as I brush a horse about how she got shocked by the electric fence:)
"...And I got shocked on my finger, too! 
When I younger.
And my daddy put bandaid on me. And my good mama put bandaid on.
Then I ride horsey."

And she still enjoys a good snuggle with her special blanket.

(While watching a movie during family movie night:)
"I get horsey blanket??   ..... So I be happy."

 She does, however, like to have special information that she can relate to her big siblings. This gives her an air of authority and in such times she often prefaces her announcements with a loud: "KIDDO-OS!" 

Though she has grown much braver with age (with things like riding horses and playing active games outside), she is still sensibly cautious and often preemptively reassures me when requesting my attention:
"Look at me Mommy!! ..... I be careful."

In church, every week without fail, she lights up with a big, bright smile whenever we begin to sing the part of the "Nunc Dimittas" at the end of service that involves "Hosanna, Hosanna". Occasionally she leans over with a silly grin and whispers:
"It's about me ! "


This fall we rearranged bedrooms in preparation for the arrival of another boy in the family, and we divvied up the girls into two bedrooms. The older two into one, and Susannah with Harriet into another. It took a little adjusting (sometimes dealing with a little sister who doesn't listen very well is hard), but now it is fun to see Susannah and Harriet becoming close friends. (Harriet adores her big sister.) We are still in the process of transitioning Hattie to the freedom of her trundle bed full time though, and recently when Susannah heard her wake up from nap time in her pack 'n play she asked:

"We get Hattie out of her crate?"

And currently one of her most endearing traits is that she prefers to end words in "e". Often referring to her toes as "toes-ies".

She continues to be very interested in high fashion. And thanks to a plethora of nice hand-me-downs from her cousin (and others) she has a good selection of adorable hipster clothes to try on. Her passion for music continues as well and she loved getting to sing in the church Christmas program again this year. 

She was very pleased with everyone giving her special attention on her birthday and floated around with a happy smile all day. But the highlight of her birthday, for her, was receiving a cake with sprinkles on it. You might say it was the icing on the cake.....

Susannah, we love you so much. Thank you for being you. And we can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you!


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