Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yesterday afternoon we said farewell to our much beloved little Sackett pony. 

Though he made it to a ripe old age, even with some health issues, and has been in pretty much full retirement for the last year or two, it is still hard to say good-bye. Especially for the littles in the family who can't remember life before Sackett. 

So we will remember all the good times and be thankful for the years that we had with this fun fellow.

Thank you, Sackett, for teaching my eldest child how to ride. You were an excellent teacher. 

I remember how profoundly thrilled she was when you first arrived - a tiny little white nose poking out of the huge stock trailer window. 

She loved you so much. It was hard for her to say good-bye to you.

And thank you for teaching my eldest son how to ride. When the girls were done braiding flowers into your hair you then patiently put up with a lot of make believe John Wayne shoot outs and knight jousting sessions.

Though we named our other little guy Fritz, after Fritz and the Beautiful Horses, you were the true original.

In fact, you taught a lot of kids how to ride and helped them fall in love with horses. Ever sweet and patient, even when you started to lose your eye sight and your world got a little scarier. I'd love to know just how many children were introduced to the wonderful world of horses through you. I know the number is high.

 You were a first rate partner as I learned the ropes of being a riding instructor. It was pretty easy when the kids were so in love with you.

There are not too many horses I would trust doing this with -- but you handled it calmly on a regular basis:

 And you seemed to be the most at home when surrounded by a huge crowd of doting people. 

Your long luscious locks came in handy teaching kids how to groom:


You were decently tolerant on teaching them how to catch:

And superb in teaching them how to lead:
You obligingly taught them how to lunge:


You even helped them learn how to do daily chores:

And you gave hours and hours and hours of lead line pony rides:

 But most importantly of all you gave kids someone to love on:


 We will miss your ravishing winter hair.

And the birds will miss your fluffy wads of shed hair in the spring. I can't say how many nests I found lined with soft Sackett hair. 

All your animal buddies will miss you.

 But now you can join Wild Thing.

Sackett, you were one loved little guy. Thanks for everything.

Happy Trails.