Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last (but certainly not least) of the fall birthdays is our silly, sunshiny, spirited, smiling, sweet, spontaneous Susannah.

Our life would be so gray without her sparkling personality.

It is a constant amazement to me how we can have four girls and each one can be so amazingly unique, different & special. And I am sure that will become even clearer as they grow older.

Susannah is our funny girl. She is a complete ham, but if she realizes she's under scrutiny, or feels any pressure at all, she will immediately clam up. Social & sensitive (or sensitively social?).

 (Who taught her these faces anyway??)

Music seems to flow through her veins. Ever since she first started to talk I have been impressed with how she could sing little song snippets perfectly in tune. The words may not be recognizable, but even complicated melodies pose no problem for her. She also likes to play whatever instrument anyone else happens to be playing. Time will tell which one she will end up focusing on.....


My singing Susannah.

With her little swedish blonde braids and impish smile she often appears very sprite-like.
When something pleases her her delight cannot be contained. (Usually things like sugar. And clothes.)

Susannah is very aware of any potential dangers. She's very sensible.

Out of all of my children, Susannah has been the one who has been the most cautious around the horses. She adores animals (except, perhaps little dogs....all dogs should be a reasonable size, she thinks, like our behemoth Athos), but actually riding on a large beast is highly questionable.

She is now warming up to the idea -- especially with Fritz -- and was very pleased with our riding lessons this past summer. But it is a work in progress, not a natural gung-ho attitude from babyhood like with the other kiddos.

When we spent the day at the park riding bikes, this is what she spent the entire time doing (very happily):

Who needs to ride a rather risky tricycle, when one can take it for a walk instead?


Not one to ever be left out, though. She is my number one helper when it comes to farm chores. Whether it's hiking up to the field to bring in the milk cow or horses, feeding the chickens and cats, or mucking out stalls -- she is there in the thick of it and pitching in with enthusiasm.

And at the end of the day, she's a very sleepy Susannah. Preferring her soft blanket and bed to anything else. And when Mama gets distracted and doesn't pull out her trundle bed in time, she just makes do.

Susannah, you're spectacular, and it's startling how much we love you. Happy Birthday!


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