Thursday, March 10, 2016

Let's be honest, we are not usually the types to get places early. The slightly-late-breezy entrance is more our style. So when we somehow managed to arrive in J.C. two hours (??) before having to be at our destination, we took advantage.

We headed downtown (where all the lights are bright) and parked on the deserted street at the Jefferson Landing. Nothing so nice as wandering around historic buildings and landscaped gardens on a beautiful early Sunday morning.

It made it worth the 5 a.m. chore wake up call. Not to mention we got to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise over Buffalo, MO while we sipped on our McD's coffees. 


The highlight of our downtown explorations was the train that came chugging by, with the conductor obligingly pulling the whistle and waving cheerfully as he passed.


Growing up in the Jeff City vicinity, this scenery was intimately familiar. And in my high school mind,  nothing to get too excited about... But coming back with the family for an impromptu walk-about on such a gorgeous morning, I could appreciate the beauty with a fresher eye. 

And to the kids, it was all breath-taking. They are completely enthralled with the Capitol and its surrounding grounds. (Especially when I pass on the legend that it's a statue of Jedidiah Dey, mighty explorer, on the top.)

They were all equally impressed with the Governor's Mansion and surrounding gardens (location of choice for all local prom pictures), even though nothing was yet in bloom.

We even learned a bit about Lewis & Clark, and how to pose like them.

 The grand finale for such a lovely morning was getting to attend our darling niece's baptism with the rest of the family. A splendid morning all around.


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