Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A week ago we brought home this little bundle of wriggly joy:

After cuddling on my shoulder the entire drive home from Kansas City, and sleeping most of the next day in recovery from the big transition, she started settling in and showing her inner puppy nature. Living up to her name, as I knew she would, Miss Mayhem (aka May May) is a huge source of joy, trouble-making fun and laughter in our household. 

In celebration of her first seven days here on the farm, here is a sneak peek into the life of a well loved puppy, and how May May filled up her first week:

Top priority was to scout out the best nap-taking spots in the house.


 And get lots of attention from little hands:

 Making new friends was next:

Watching Athos interact with this puppy is heart melting. She is about the size of his head, and he is so careful with her... even when she gnaws on his long tail. He kindly offers her sticks and then rough houses with distinct self restraint and gentleness. Coming from such a big, goofy dog, it's pretty sweet.

Woodrow, the puppy-next-door, drops by for frequent play dates as well.


 Every morning she accompanies me around the farm for the daily chore time.
She is learning to be a true ranch dog.

Chore time goes so fast with all of her great help.

She even rode her first horse.

And accompanied us to the Ozark Spring Roundup (aka Horsefest) where we watched Cowboy Mounted Shooting (our favorite). After acting worried during the first few rounds of gunfire, she quickly settled down for a good nap.

 It takes a lot longer to get around when you have a cute corgi puppy in tow. The majority of our time walking around Horsefest was spent letting people exclaim over her. She got a lot of good socialization in. 

And this.......this:

I can't say how much I've missed that corgi pose.  

And, as if in celebration of her first week at home, her ears popped up over the weekend:

Welcome to the family, Mayhem.


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