Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Our beautiful girl turned five!

Lover of music, animals, pink, fairies & unicorns, queens, and swinging on swings.
Super sweet and conscious of all things beautiful. We love our little farm girl princess. 

Her career goals are quite changeable (and ambitious), but they always involve something about becoming a queen.

"I'm going to be a horse rider, a cow rider, a bucking bull rider, and then a queen, when I'm too old."

When I ask if I can live in her palace when she becomes a queen:
"You can come visit for tea."

And another time, pretending she was a queen:
"Mama, you can be my maid."


She is equally ambitious with her musical goals and claims she is going to master about five instruments. When I pin her down, though, violin always comes out as the top favorite, so I am looking forward to sharing my love of the instrument with her someday soon. For now she has started on piano and is doing quite well.

She also loves singing. Though sometimes the words can be a little tricky:
"Blacks and bays, Apples & berries*, All the pretty little ho-orses...."
*dapples and grays

"When I'm 18 I'm going to sing. And play violin and piano and cello - so that there's not so much cheezy music."

Her birthday celebrations started the night before her birthday, when we celebrated with Grandma & Papa (a joint bday bash since her birthday is so close to Papa's). And she got this fun set:

She has been playing with it ever since and loves being master of the controls. She makes quite a good little conductor and can spot a derailment before it ever happens, and stop the potential catastrophe with a deft click of a button.

Her birthday morning started with her requested scrambled eggs & ketchup, with pre-packaged instant oatmeal. (I love the random food requests.) And we got to host Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Cabe & Auntie Clara! She was so excited to be able to celebrate with everyone.

Despite the freezing cold weather we loaded everyone up for a quick (invigorating) wagon ride, mostly so that we could fully appreciate coming back in for hot drinks by the fireplace.


Hey there, Danny. Way to be a good boy.

After Daddy worked hard making her a fancy shrimp pasta dinner (with the traditional-for-Amelia pink Strawberry cake for dessert) she got lots of fun girly & pink themed presents, which she accepted very solemnly. I have apparently passed on my subdued present-opening skills to my children -- the only way you can tell they are actually pleased as punch is the quiet little smiles that slip through now and then. She even got a nice big girl bike that Granny found for her!

This is Amelia in her happy place, after opening presents:

"My favorite animals are Pinkguins* and Horses, because they're kind of like Unicorns."
*Penguins (that are pink, of course)
On unicorns & The Fall:
" First, Adam & Eve were good guys. Then Satan came and Eve listened to his lies. And she ate the fruit, and Adam ate it too. Then God had to make them clothes.
....I think they killed all the unicorns..."

 "What's the animal that eats ants that lives in the jungle in Africa where the cactuses grow?"
Umm, an anteater??
"Oh yeah."

Her birthday celebrations aren't even over yet. She still has an upcoming pottery date with her Aunt Kayce, and a bowling party with my side of the family to celebrate her & Grandpa. After all, turning 5 is a pretty big deal, even if it does mean she's getting so old....

"Mama, when you're five it's get hard to bend over."

I know the feeling.


Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you.


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