Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting outside and burning off some excess energy is a crucial part in our day. When you have four little children stuck inside all day bad things start happening. Fortunately we have plenty of excuses to get us outside. Chicken chores, horse chores, gardening, splashing in the kiddie pool... On the top of the fun list is going for walks and exploring the countryside. The creek is a popular destination. 

Sometimes we go by foot. The littlest gets strapped into the jogging stroller or carried in a sling. Often we get the ponies out - why walk when you can ride? This also solves the problem of our family outgrowing the double stroller. The stroller still gets filled up, and the extra kids pile onto ponies. 

Margaret has finally reached the level of being able to ride Sackett down the road by herself. 

This frees me up to lead Will or Amelia on Fritz, while also pushing the double stroller. Add two dogs to the mix and we make quite the sight.

Fritz likes to say hello to the babies or rest his head on the stroller when we stop for breaks.

Kids and horses....that's how we roll.


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