Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two more days until it is officially summer, and I already feel like this summer is flying by. 

Somewhere in the past few months life got busy. Really busy. 
Not that life wasn't busy before, with four kids living on a farm while keeping up with church and family and friends. And it doesn't seem as if we have added that much to our load, but still, somehow, there has been a change. I'm still wrapping my mind around the concept because I know, from watching and talking to my mom and other experienced mothers & homeschoolers, it doesn't slow down again. At least not for a long time. 

Somewhere between the early mornings to mow and ride horses, the daily routine of feeding and caring and educating the children, the chores, the play times and dinners with friends and family, the riding lessons, the many ongoing home projects, the meetings and preparations for helping start a school and getting Margaret ready to attend this fall, the music playing at the farmer's market.....and then the little things that always pop up - flat tires on the van, the water heater breaking (thank goodness it's summer!)....

Life is busy. And this is both normal and okay. It's okay to be exhausted by the end of the day and barely able to crawl out of bed in the morning. It's okay that our life is busy, because it is filled with good things: children and animals and friends and church and music. My perspective on keeping up with all of this good work is what has to be kept constantly in check and positive. Life can be busy and miserable, or it can be busy and joyful. And I have to remind myself of those options and help my children by leading the way.

It is good to work hard. And it is good to find those quiet  moments of peace and reflection - the time to pray for my children as I rock the baby to sleep in the dusky light of the nursery, the fresh cool mornings with the birds singing at sunrise, the laughter of the children as they run around sticky with popsicle juice in the backyard.

How to balance all of the activities, and to know when it's okay to say no? Now, that's a question for the ages. What I can work on right now is enjoying life and embracing the busyness. And that goal is enough to keep me busy every day.


  1. Sweet sis, it's amazing to think of the various responsibilities you perform so diligently and wonderful to know that the Lord himself graces you to do so with such a positive outlook! I'm praying for you, even as I'm learning from & alongside you! Thanks for sharing :)