Monday, June 24, 2013

Baldrick has many important jobs around the farm. Vital tasks, like cleaning up under the kitchen table, licking out the chicken scrap bucket before it goes back inside, barking at the horses when they get out of line, looking extemely long suffering while little children pull him around, and guarding the homestead.

Recently, despite his already busy schedule, he has also undertaken the self appointed role of "Critter Finder". Knowing the strong biological interests of his family, he has developed the technique of barking voraciously at any strange creature that ventures too close to his terrain. There seems to be a preference for large reptiles. Once the family has been notified (this may take an hour or more of persistent barking) he is usually happy to be relieved of his duties with a simple: "Good job, Baldrick. That's enough".

Last week Baldrick managed to corner this fellow. This fellow, also known as a black rat snake, was not very pleased and was doing a desperate - and almost convincing - simultaneous impersonation of both a cobra and a rattlesnake. After a little photoshoot Baldrick was rewarded by being allowed to lick the front porch clean of popsicle drippings and the snake was allowed to go on his merry way. 


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