Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quotes from the last couple months:

Margaret: "I always remember things for millions and millions and millions of days.... but, sometimes I forget."

While exploring the yard after dark by the glow of a flashlight, Margaret and William caught the silhouette of a cat walking. William expressed some concern that it might be a dead skunk, Margaret quickly consoled him: "No, that's not a dead skunk, 'cause dead skunks can't walk."

William: "A long, long time ago I used to be a baby guy."

Clay went into the kids' bedroom at night to help soothe William's coughing. Margaret announced: "My neck hurts. We both have problems."

Upon coming downstairs in the morning I found Margaret and William engrossed in a very active make-believe game. Margaret filled me in on the basic plot: "...he (William) was a bad guy but I asked if he wanted to by my friend and I taught him everything he had to do and now he's a Sheriff, and he has to ask everybody before he shoots them. Everyone keeps saying no."

William: "I want to be a farmer and feed animals and grow corn, and marshmallows and weed grass..... Was Papa Dee a pirate?"

Clay: "William, will you __________?"
William: "I don't want to."
Clay: "What if I say you must?"
William: "If you say must, I will obey."

William explains that the Nutcracker is his favorite character: "The Nutcracker is my best one." 

On a mother-son date to a local cafe, William noticed a large painting of a traditionally garbed Chinese woman. He mistook her skirt for a fish and loudly exclaimed: "There's a woman on that fish! That fish is saying: (in falsetto) 'Get off me woman!!' "
Margaret: "Are beards made of needles?"

Margaret (proudly): "William said the sun goes down into the dirt. But I told him it goes North."
William: "I still have a BIG pile of germs. As a big as a mountain cougar!"


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