Thursday, April 4, 2013


It all started with some pajamas. And suddenly a superhero was unleashed.
He originally declined doing a photo shoot, but when jumping on the couch was offered he couldn't resist showing off his super human powers.

Clark Kent who. Will James may dress up suave to fool the Easter morning crowd...

but when young maidens in distress call for Superman, he obligingly dons the mask....

...and flies in for the rescue.

Superman, to the rescue.

Girls swoon over his behemoth biceps.

And his sweet, tender, and charming personality.

He's more than a bird. He's more than a plane. And it's not easy to be him.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Superman, and his little known assistant, Supergirl.


  1. I love the expression on Amelia's face! Fun, fun, fun...... William makes a perfect superman.

  2. looking forward to more legendary tales and endearing photos!