Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The daffodils are blooming along our fence line. Crocuses and hyacinths and tulips that were planted last year are adding lovely color in my burgeoning flower gardens. Pastures seem to have turned a beautiful bright green overnight. 

It's springtime.

Spring is such a wonderful time of promise. Excitement. New life. The joy that comes with the tiny unfolding leaves on our baby trees in the yard. Little lettuce plants popping up in our new raised garden bed. The squawking guineas exploring their new found freedom (and hopefully eating all of the ticks). Grilling out for the first time, next to our partially built pergola. Watching the songbirds arrive and stake out their nesting sites, filling the air with song. Allowing the kids to be barefoot in the grass again and watching their big smiles.

Spring is a time for cheerfulness. It is hard to not be cheerful when you stare at a daffodil.


Spring is an incredible reminder, every year, of the new life that Christ has given us. Death and resurrection in wonderful, tangible form.


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