Monday, September 26, 2011


Sunday afternoon. Beautiful fall weather. Perfect time for a family outing to admire the farm's crop of fall calves.

Margaret rode Wild Thing.  

Checking cows on a big quarter horse is old hat for this cowgirl.

Will James hopped on little Sackett. His first long solo ride (without Mom keeping a hold on his britches), and he rode like a champ over all kinds of terrain. He was also convinced that the cows were all hippos (his current all time favorite animal).

Have I mentioned we love Sackett? Little Sackett, who is shaggy again after having a sleek summer coat for  three weeks. And who is about the same size as our german shepherd.


Amelia rode on her dad's back. 

And we found lots of cuties. Hiding in the crunchy leaves. New life, bringing hope to the autumn season.


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