Friday, September 30, 2011

It turns out Judith is a boy.

There has been this nagging thought in the back of my mind all summer that Judith, our lovely Salmon Faverolle, looked remarkably like a rooster. "No, no" I would tell myself, "she's just a fantastically bizarre chicken". Apparently the sexed chicks at the feed store are not to be relied upon 100%.

Three months after Jedidiah started crowing and strutting his stuff in front of the hens, Judith...err, Jude... began quietly practicing some tentative crows in the back recesses of the coop. And chasing hens last night in the lawn. The secret is out.

So far there is still peace in the chicken coop. Jude is a timid and peaceable sort, hanging out by himself - or with the guineas - away from the other chickens. While Jed is quite proud of his roosterhood, Jude - with his ear puffs, feathery legs, and extra toes - appears quite content at the bottom of the pecking order. How long this peaceful coexistence will continue is anyone's guess.

Right now I like my two roosters. Jed's flamboyance and Jude's retiring nature and tame disposition. He always has been one of the friendliest "hens". Let's hope we can keep it this way.




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