Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An update:

Margaret is fully convinced that the Jungle Book is about Moses. I mean, he does get set adrift in a basket in the river, right? I start getting a little worried about her theological understanding when I hear: "And then Moses danced with Baloo the Bear!"

I am training her up right in the ways of the Marx Brothers though. The other night she was trying to convince Clay and I to let her stay up and have a movie night and pleaded "I want to watch the funny brothers!"

William is in the inquisitive stage. The one where he asks "What is this?" while pointing to every object in the room. He must be taking after his father. I'll want him on my team in Trivial Pursuit in a few years.

When he's not memorizing the names of objects he's yelling at us to "Watch this!". It's like Steve Wilkins said about a typical southern redneck's famous last words... "Hey y'all, watch this!" It always puts me on the lookout for what piece of furniture he's about to launch himself off of.

I love my kids.


  1. Babies are cute, but toddlers are so much fun! Isn't it great being a mom?